I live alone in a tiny room in the back of an old frat house. It occurred to me the other day that if I died in my room, no one would find out for weeks, maybe even months.

No one ever comes over. No one ever calls me. My family and I don't maintain regular contact. If you don't sign on to Instant Messenger for a period of time, no one ever says, "Hmmm… I wonder if that person is dead."

I'm not afraid of dying; I'm afraid of being found dead. How embarrassing would it be to be found dead? Being found dead basically confirms that no one cared about you when you were alive.

Detective: What do we have here?
Cop: Chink fuck-up. We suspect social anxiety, possibly not very liked.

My goal now is to not die before I can find a place to live with a roommate.

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