Jerry Bruckheimer is the most successful producer in film history, with over $12.5 billion in worldwide box office receipts. In addition, he is on his way to becoming the most successful producer in the history of television. He's the first to have three shows hit the Top 10 simultaneously: CBS's CSI, CSI: Miami and Without a Trace.

This past weekend, Bruckheimer's Bad Boys II and Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl were number one and number two, respectively, on the American box office charts.

People may accuse him of perpetuating the decline of western cinema, but he's clearly doing something right.

Bad Boys II (or as they call it in Ann Arbor: B22)

The title credits say "additional music by Dr. Dre." The end credits say "additional Dr. Dre music by Mike Elizondo."

The bad guy actually says "I will sever your head off."

Apparently, the screenwriters thought it'd be funny if Martin Lawrence said "I smell dead people." Maybe in their next screenplay they can get some Monica jokes in there, possibly an "is that your final answer?"

He has a brother hooked up with the underground in Cuba. How convenient.

I always cringe when I see movies that destroy perfectly good cars and buildings for the sake of destroying cars and buildings. Yes, destruction is impressive to behold, but it's also a terrible waste of natural resources. The whole part of the movie set in Cuba is basically an excuse to destroy shit, as if enough shit hasn't been destroyed by then.

I was in line for the movie and a woman walked up to me and asked if I could save a place for her in line.

I was the only person in line at the time.

I felt like Ben Stiller in the airport gate scene in Meet the Parents.

Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl

Dirty Pretty Things

Unconventional casting for an English-speaking movie.

"I bit." Haha.

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

The Anarchist Cookbook

This is one of the worst movies I've seen this year. With The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, I could at least entertain myself making fun of how bad it was. The Anarchist Cookbook was just plain unpleasant to sit through.