freddy is kicking his ass
—'cause he's in
jason's dream
—that's how freddy kills, he kills you in your dream
—it's cool 'cause freddy tranquilizes jason to get him dreaming
—the kids are smart enough to take sleeping jason back to crystal lake
—the main girl goes to sleep so she can dream and get into the battle
—the way she's thinking is, if jason wins, at least they have him in crystal lake, and not in elm street
—if freddy is winning, then at least jason has home field advantage
—what she wants to do is bring freddy back to reality so jason can start beating him
—jason and freddy fight
—freddy is winning
—jason gets some shots too
—finally, the girl brings freddy back into reality
—and jason starts whupping ass
here is the end…
—basically, the kids figure out that freddy is afraid of fire, and jason is afraid of water
—they kinda have them fighting in some bridge, you know, those little bridges where you jump off to swim
—the kids put gas, and burn
—the bridge
—freddy and jason both beat the shit out of each other
—then the bridge and whole lake explodes, both going in the water
—but wait
—there's more
—the kids are kinda sighing but then you see someone carrying the machete
—you think jason is alive, but it's freddy that has the machete
—i forgot
—to mention that jason cut freddy's arm off with his machete
—so anyway, freddy has the machete and is gonna kill the sighing kids
—from the back, jason uses freddy's torn arm, the one with the knives, and stabs freddy in the back going thru his front
—jason falls back into the water
—and freddy is gurgling blood and drops the machete
—the girl gets the machete and cuts his head off
—he falls to water
—the kids leave
—the next morning, it pans toward the lake
—and jason comes out of the lake…..
—carrying freddy's head
—the camera zooms in to freddy's head as he winks…