Cliché #3011: Commenting on how MTV doesn't play music videos anymore.

Let it go already, people. Like movie trailers, videos are all available online nowadays. Moreover, VH1 was born "Video Hits One" and no one seems to care that it no longer plays any hit videos. Why is it such an issue that "Music Television" (words which the network consciously deleted from its logo a while back) airs non-music-related programming? The fact of the matter is that no other television channel caters specifically to the 12-24 demographic and does it so well. MTV doesn't play videos anymore because it doesn't have to. Kids will tune in regardless of whatever dreck it chooses to air. Even those who hate MTV still watch it. People need to stop viewing MTV as an acronym and simply consider it a broadcast paradigm.

In a blow to feminism, Mentos now come in a box.

Doesn't it seem like every time you visit Yahoo!, one of the headlines in the news box concerns a blast in a third world country that killed a certain number of people?

As "punk" as the lead singer of the band Simple Plan tries to be, his name is still Pierre.

Kellogg's Apple Jacks, which do not taste anything like apples, now come with blue carrot-shaped cereal pieces that do not taste anything like carrots. Apple Jacks with blue carrots — the breakfast of nihilists. As near as my admittedly limited research can ascertain, it's also the first cereal that can have an orgy.