The combo meals at the Northwest fast food chain Taco Time include "Mexican" food, a soft drink and Mexi-Fries…which are tater tots.

Serving fries with "Mexican" food is not unheard of. The Del Taco fast food chain here in southern California serves fries with "Mexican" food too, but at least they're actually fries, krinkle-cut fries. What is this Mexi-Fries shit? They're tater tots! There's nothing "Mexi" or "fries" about them.

Apparently, in an effort to compete with Taco Time, Taco Bell restaurants in the Northwest also serve tater tots, only seasoned. What are they referred to as?


Bonus points to any food with a name that describes what it is both entering and exiting the body.

In other news, McDonald's plans to test a "Go Active! Happy Meal" for adults, featuring a salad, bottled water, a pedometer and an exercise booklet.

If you need to go to McDonald's for an incentive to walk, you might as well as just order a Big Mac there.