with all due respect to tony…

At first I was happy to be learning how to read. It seemed exciting and magical. But then I read this: Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand. I read every last word of this garbage and because of this piece of shit, I'm never reading again!
— Officer Barbrady in South Park 203: Chicken Lover

On The O'Reilly Factor last week, Bill O'Reilly said that "most Americans think California is getting what it deserves" regarding next week's recall election.


Is this what you out-of-state fuckers think? That we DESERVE this shit?

This is Doug "Logan Darrow" Clements. He is running for Governor of California.

His platform is derived primarily from the book Atlas Shrugged.



—My philosophy is that of philosopher Ayn Rand, who wrote the second most influential book in America, Atlas Shrugged. The name of [Rand's] philosophy is called objectivism.

—I want to make government as small as possible so the economy can be as large as possible. For starters, I would reduce by 50 percent the government spending on education by making all the schools private, from K through Ph.D universities. I would make the government so that it is only dealing with proper functions to protect our rights, like state troopers, courts, prisons, police, plus minor administrative functions. Almost everything else would be eliminated.

—I'm not a conservative, and I'm not a liberal. Liberals favor personal freedom but are against economic freedom and conservatives are against personal freedom but favor economic freedom. As an objectivist, I favor maximum economic freedom and maximum personal freedom.


He's an "objectivist."

watch Clements' two-minute candidate statement
Is that a copy of Atlas Shrugged propped up on the bottom left?

No state deserves shit like this.