Japanese audiences will see an even more explicit version of Kill Bill: Volume 1.

For one thing, one sequence — presented in black-and-white in the US version — will remain in color.

Because of the copious amount of blood on screen, Tarantino thought the MPAA would demand the sequence be cut in order to attain an "R" rating, so he (color) toned it down.

Also in the Japanese version, two fight scenes are extended, and the interaction between The Bride and Sofie Fatale is shown in more graphic detail.

Here's what we know so far about Kill Bill: Volume 2:

— It's less of a samurai movie and more of a spaghetti western in the tradition of Sergio Leone's A Fistful of Dollars.
— There's another animated sequence.
— There's more of what we expect from Tarantino: talky dialogue, chopped-up and out-of-order narrative. Plus, plenty of Carradine's face, which we don't actually see in Volume 1.
— After watching Jackass: The Movie, Tarantino changed what he calls "a brutal bitch fight" in Volume 2 to be…slightly grosser.
— Tarantino has a small role, and he fights.
— Bill dies.