speak now or forever hold your peace

Unwritten Law plays tonight at the "Beat SC" bonfire on campus. Their biggest song is "Seein' Red."

There's a 48 point spread for the UCLA vs. USC game this Saturday. No one expects UCLA to win. It's fitting that we play USC at the Coliseum.

Still, part of me thinks that UCLA can and will upset USC. No one expected our sucky basketball team to beat top-ranked Arizona in the first round of the Pac-10 play-offs this year, but we did. A win would mean not having to see another senior class graduate winless in football against our cross-town rivals.

But that's not going to happen.

In fact, having been overtaken in the BCS rankings by Ohio State, USC probably wishes UCLA was a better team. Unranked and riding a three-game losing streak, the Bruins do not help the Trojans' strength of schedule. Meanwhile, Ohio State faces Michigan, which is number 9 in the BCS. A loss to UCLA — though unlikely — would eliminate any chance for USC to go to the Sugar Bowl. Even in defeat, however, UCLA could keep USC out of the national championship game.

The fate of USC depends largely on the results of the Ohio State vs. Michigan game. Experts predict Michigan will win. USC certainly wants Michigan to win. Out of spite though, I hope Ohio State wins…by a large margin. I want Ohio State to take USC's place in the Sugar Bowl, even if they probably don't deserve to be there. Any team but USC. Resentful Michigan fans could then watch Oklahoma pummel the Fuckeyes on prime time television. Everybody wins! Well, except USC.

I know Michigan probably doesn't need another sports scandal, but I pray the Wolverines see it in their hearts to throw the centennial rivalry game against Ohio State. There are more important things on the line than the Big Ten title. Do it for Jonny. Please.

EXITvineland by thomas pynchon