—I'm driving down to Los Angeles tomorrow.
—The Chronicle wants me to cover the Latino boycott down there.
—What Latino boycott?
—You haven't heard about it?

Apparently, there's going to be a Latino boycott in California on Friday.

—Ummm… Why are we boycotting Latinos?


To protest Governor Schwarzenegger's (that still sounds weird to me) repeal of a law that would have allowed illegal immigrants to apply for driver's licenses, many Latino immigrants throughout California will stay home from school and work and stay away from stores on Friday in order to show state leaders the collective economic and social clout of California's growing immigrant population.

In other words, Latino immigrants plan to send a message to the state government by being lazy.

Insert your own racial joke here.


I saw a commercial on one of the many Spanish channels that clog my cable television line-up for a product called Fat Seltzer.

—Fat Seltzer is made up of a mixture of natural ingredients combined to produce a powerful effervescence which removes all the accumulated fat eliminating it thru the urine in our body.

Let me get this straight. This stuff will make my body tingle and then piss fat.

I have a sudden urge to give someone a golden shower.

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