I have seen 99 movies in a theatre this year, theatre hopping only once (Elf).

This will probably be number 100.

After that, the drought begins. January is always the sorriest month of the year for cinema, and with Kill Bill: Vol. 2 possibly bumped to April, February doesn't look too hot either.

What ever shall I do?

01.07 — 21 Grams @ Egyptian
Benicio Del Toro, Naomi Watts and the director in person

01.12 — Cradle Will Rock @ Egyptian
Tim Robbins in person

01.17 — Vertigo @ Egyptian
Kim Novak in person

01.20 — Terminator 2: Judgment Day @ Arclight
James Cameron in person

01.30 — Clerks @ Nuart
Kevin Smith in person


How many times will Lance Armstrong be "athlete/sportsman of the year"? It was appropriate after he recovered from cancer, but enough already. No one really cares about the Tour de France.

Being Lance Armstrong : "athlete/sportsman of the year" :: playing a retarded character : Oscar nomination

EXITsilicon valley bowl (sigh)