The following is a partial transcript of the January 15 episode of The Abrams Report on MSNBC:

ABRAMS: Welcome back. Here for you another sterling example of the criminal mind at work. When Spokane, Washington Police caught Donnell Winston after a bank was held up, they say he told them he needed the money to pay off a drug debt. He was charged with first-degree robbery, but when he got to court, it seems his defense strategy changed a little bit. He tried to get out of the bank robbery charge by admitting instead, that he's a drug dealer and even when the judge warned him to be quiet, he, well he just couldn't.


DONNELL WINSTON, SELF-PROCLAIMED DRUG DEALER: First of all, where are you getting all this information from about me walking into the bank and getting something else for a drug and I'm a drug dealer, not a bank robber. I'm the one with the drugs! He was the one that robbed them, my co-defendant. I'm sitting out in the car waiting for him. He jumps in my car.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Mr. Winston, one of the rights that I advised is your right to remain silent because anything you say…

WINSTON: Yes, but y'all got the wrong information. Y'all got wrong information. Y'all said I walked in the bank. I'm on camera sitting in my car.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: OK. I'm advising you, I'm talking to you about making any statements, sir. Anything you say…

WINSTON: But I'm telling you—I heard what you said about anything that I say can be used against me in court, man. I heard. I heard you loud and clear on that. But y'all talking about I walked in the bank and I'm using the money—I want the money because I need to pay off a drug debt. I'm the fucking drug dealer!