During breakfast at an airport hotel (french fries and fruit cocktail, because that's what Westerners eat for breakfast), I was reading a copy of the International Herald Tribune, and I saw this article on the front page:

—On Okinawa, U.S.-Influenced Diet Takes Toll

—"This was the most delicious food I had ever eaten," Kei Sunakawa, 51, said, his eyes bulging at the memory of eating at McDonald's for the first time.

—Sunikawa [sic] walked into a McDonald's in the Makiminato area on a recent afternoon. Standing pensively before the counter, his white polo shirt stretched over a belly that obstructed the view of his toes, he finally ordered a Big Mac, Fish McDippers and a medium oolong tea.

The day before we arrived, a six-year-old boy died after getting his head jammed in an automatic revolving door.

—Revolving Door Has Fatal Blind Spot

None of the revolving doors (automatic or manual) in Japan were operational during our stay.

People could still use regular automatic doors, but none of them open until you step right in front of the doors.

I walked into many panes of glass.