I'm tired of being dicked over by people.

It's too early in the year for it to have happened so many times already.

$28 for movie tickets — GONE! — because a friend scheduled work after we had agreed on a screening date and time.

$200 for a plane ticket — GONE! — because a friend changed his mind on a whim after asking me to fly out to Chicago.

$100 — GONE! — because of an airline re-ticketing fee.

And now $100 for concert tickets — GONE! — because a friend couldn't get work off after saying he could.

While I can stand to lose a couple hundred dollars, I don't enjoy losing money I can't recoup, especially when it's the result of people whom I consider friends dicking me over.

See, tickets purchased online are not refundable.

No refunds.

Nothing can soften that fact.

Not "sorry." Not a sad smiley.

Call me old-fashioned, but I expect people to honor their commitments. If you have any hesitations, don't say "yes."

I don't like being forced to get rid of concert tickets at the last minute. I don't have time to have banks verify shit for eBay and PayPal. I don't want to do that. Why should I have to do that?


Fuck, I need a cigarette.

Anyone in Los Angeles want three tickets to see The Mars Volta at The Wiltern next Thursday?

I don't even care if I get any money for them at this point.