Morrissey to Play Weeklong Kilborn Gig

Chafboy and I:
—did you know that craig kilborn is a huge smiths fan?
—yeah, haha
—frat boy likes the smiths, and he's not mexican
—conan is a big cure fan
—one time, he let them play two times on one show
—he was SOOO GIDDY
—i'm assuming dave likes foo fighters since he wanted them to play when he came back from surgery
—shit, he even picked the song too
—yeah, foo fighters are dave's favorite band
—i think they flew in from europe just for that performance
—in the mid-90s, dave loved hootie and the blowfish
—i dunno if you remember, but hootie used to be on his show all the time
—i think dave was partially responsible for their success
—i wonder who jay's favorite is
—probably like…the bacon brothers
—no, judging by the amount of appearances
—i'd say blue man group
—we forgot carson daly
—i always thought he liked kid rock
—i think he just said kid rock to be nice, since they were such "good" friends
—ok gotta go, i have court tomorrow
—later junior