Has anyone else noticed the resemblance between Aaron Carter, the lead singer of The Calling and the kid who plays Draco Malfoy in the Harry Potter films?

The Beastie Boys made special appearances at two radio station festivals in California this past weekend. I saw them on Friday in my hometown. They played a mix of new and old material, including (to my surprise) "The New Style" and "Flute Loop" (more on the festival later).

Rory saw them yesterday in Irvine. They played a similar mix of new and old material, only with "Paul Revere" and "Brass Monkey" instead of "The New Style" and "Flute Loop."

Those bitches cheated me.

I feel like Rory saw Radiohead too and they decided to play "Creep."

The Beastie Boys are set to make two more special radio station festival appearances next weekend, including one in New York. I'm-a be so mad if they pull out "Fight for Your Right" or "Car Thief."