Set the bullshit to warp factor one

Lately, whenever I leave my computer on overnight, I'll wake up, turn on the monitor and see Winamp opened with "The Brouhaha" by the Beastie Boys queued in the playlist and the volume at 100%.

The first time this happened, I thought maybe a partially deaf guy had snuck into my room while I was sleeping to listen to "The Brouhaha," but that scenario didn't make sense. I mean, why would anyone want to listen to "The Brouhaha"?

Adam Robot thinks it might be spyware. I haven't checked yet, but if it is, it's some strange spyware.

—when tony and jord were in your apartment, they installed an alarm clock plugin into winamp because they didn't trust their cellphone alarms
—that's all it is

Okay. I can stop freaking out now.