Tinnitus Tonight

I saw Modest Mouse Sunday night at the Hollywood Avalon. Good show. "Doin' The Cockroach" was particularly awesome live.

There was a group of girls standing behind me who kept screaming at Isaac.

—Isaac, take off your shirt!
—"Truckers Atlas"! Play "Truckers Atlas"! "Truckers Atlas"! Play "Truckers Atlas"! Please! I've waited two years! "Truckers Atlas"!

One of them spilled Bud Light on me.

During a set change, Jed the Fish (a DJ on the world famous KROQ) appeared on stage to hype up the audience and was roundly booed and heckled.

—You know what I like about the music of Modest Mouse and The Walkmen? It's challenging!

I feel sorry for DJs at rock radio stations that sponsor concerts. They have to appear briefly at sponsored events and no one ever cheers them. Pitchfork kids hate them, punk rock kids hate them, loud rock kids hate them. No one likes them. They're like Texans.

In terms of enjoyment this year, I rank Modest Mouse's set second behind The Strokes' set at Live 105's BFD in June.

I'd seen The Strokes perform live on television and wasn't impressed. They just stood in place. However, at BFD, Julian was beyond wasted.

During The Strokes' set, he:
—poured beer on his head
—kicked over two monitor speakers
—tried to break his mic stand
—threw his mic stand at the venue's video cameraman
—said "i hate this song! no, i love this song! it's a good fucking song" before playing "reptilia"
—tackled said cameraman
—tried to take said cameraman's camera
—during "reptilia," stuck his ass at said camera's lens and instead of singing "you sound so sleepy…" sang "i want to stick that camera in my asshole"
—threw his mic at fab's bass drum
—leaned on his mic stand and fell flat onto a monitor speaker
—in the middle of discussing his love of friday nights, paused and said "fuck it. play the song"
—hung his mic up as the band started playing a song, wandered to the corner of stage right and stood there aimlessly until his cue to sing
—wandered offstage as the band started playing a song
—wandered into the audience mid-song at least five times
—tried on an audience member's trucker hat
—looked at the stage backdrop and said "live 105! b-fee-d! i never learned the alphabet"
—when albert tried to talk to him, told him to shut up and then kissed him on the lips
—fell over and kept singing
—rolled around the stage
—played drums after the show

Terribly unprofessional. Very, very rock 'n' roll.