Amstel Light and OxyContin

I consider myself to be fairly informed about cinema, so I was surprised to see a sequel to Baby Geniuses on Arclight Hollywood's August film schedule.

This movie is actually being released in theatres.

Evidently, Hollywood can't get enough of movies with talking babies.

Remember that TGIF sitcom with a talking baby voiced by Tony Danza? I think Scott Baio was a cast member.

Bob Clark directed Superbabies: Baby Geniuses 2. He also directed Porky's and A Christmas Story. What went wrong, Bob?

Fun fact: Porky's is the highest-grossing Canadian film of all time.

I bought a DVD at Best Buy and the total came to $16.23. I threw the cashier a twenty and he handed me two one-dollar bills, three quarters, two pennies and a Sacajawea one-dollar coin. I could see other one-dollar bills in the cash register. Why me? I thought. Why must I inherit the freak dollar coin?

I hate how American banks only exchange loonies and twonies. I have all this useless Canadian spare change on my bookshelf.

I suspect this site spies on our site.