Breaking News!

—i just pooped my pants
—went to fart, more than fart came out
—underwear was unsalvageable
—pants are in washer

—are you serious?

—you did not just shart
—i sharted
—and now i have to miss the only class i have where attendence is taken
—how does that make you feel?

—i don't believe you
—haha, i can take a webcam pic of the wet spot on my chair from me cleaning up the stain
—prove it
—i really don't believe you

wants to directly connect.
is now directly connected.

—before you say "well you just poured water on it to convince me," think about how many hours i'm sitting on this chair in front of the computer, and why i would ever want to get it wet, especially just to prove i pooped my pants
—that's kinda gross
—was it a large shart?

—it was very liquidy
—hence the stains

—oh jeez
—well congratulations
—now you have pee AND poop under your belt