Best Imitation of Myself

I saw a Latino dude wearing a shirt that said "La Luz de GSUS." Because Christ is GANGSTA.

On the southeast corner of Wilshire and Westwood is a bus bench with an ad for realtor Mike Cockinos. [snicker] At least his name's not Mike Cockitos. His multiple little cocks… Hahahaha.

I caught the end of the Northwestern vs. Ohio State football game.

Why do those marijuana leaf stickers randomly adorn Buckeye helmets? Are they like merit badges?

ESPN College GameDay host Rece Davis' voice sounds like Adam Carolla's.

After two years of all-purpose use, I had to retire my olive green Vans.

Guess how much a pair of sneakers that match the color scheme of my website cost? (hint: $30)

Wow, I'm a loser.