Small World

I have never met Adam Riff™. I corresponded with him via e-mail a couple of times a few years ago, but that's the extent of our relationship. He's a friend of Seth's whose name I appropriated.

So now then.

—i met adam riff™'s mom the other day
—my sister got married
—and she was invited to the wedding
—turns out adam riff™'s mom works w/ my sister… or used to rather
—she said she's been to your website before
—she said she googled her son once
—and you were #1

—how did you two get into discussing my website?
—well… she asked about my involvement w/ the Oracle [we were both on the staff of our high school newspaper]
—and how can one talk about the Oracle and not talk about you?
—this development makes me a little uncomfortable

—she seemed nice enough
—didn't seem "easily offended" or anything

—ok ok