Disintegration is the best album ever

On September 17, MTV Europe paid tribute to The Cure in London.

Hosted by lifelong Cure fan Marilyn Manson, MTV Icon: The Cure featured celebrity shout-outs and live Cure covers by fellow Cure fans AFI, Blink 182, Razorlight and The Deftones.

"Just Like Heaven" by AFI
"A Letter to Elise" by Blink 182
"Boys Don't Cry" by Razorlight
"If Only Tonight We Could Sleep" by The Deftones

The performances are surprisingly good. MTV should release them as an EP. Blink 182's cover is my favorite of the bunch, partly because Mark Hoppus is the only singer who doesn't try to sound like Robert Smith.

You can watch the performances here (Windows Media Player required).