The Sinking Ship, The Grand Applause

Enough baseball updates.

By now, thanks to the internet, pretty much everyone has seen Jon Stewart's appearance on Crossfire last week during which he verbally sparred with co-host Tucker Carlson.

The video rip I downloaded begins with a text introduction that says: "Dear Jon / Thank you / Love, America."

What is America thanking Jon Stewart for? Angering Tucker Carlson?

I doubt that most of the people who viewed Stewart's appearance on Crossfire had ever seen an episode of Crossfire before. The volume of downloads and streams of the clip outpaced CNN's recent ratings numbers for the actual show.

This clip is not a sensation because Jon Stewart gives TUCKER FUCKIN' CARLSON his comeuppance.


America (and all the people who sent me a link to the clip, and all the bloggers who linked it) thank Stewart for calling a belligerent conservative a "dick" on live television. Score one for liberals!

By supporting this clip, you play into the partisanship that Stewart implores the hosts of Crossfire to stop in the clip.

I believe that's called "irony."

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