when i came into this world i wanted to be premature

Sometime that night at the Video Game Awards, Jose received a phone call from PJ, the principal of my high school and one of my nemeses.

Here's the story:

In high school, PJ lived with her husband in Gilroy. My high school music director Robin (female) lived in PJ's guest house.

PJ allegedly had an affair with Robin.

My junior year of high school, Paige joined the faculty. She later incited the movement to kick me out of high school for indecency and thus became another one of my nemeses.

PJ called Jose that night to inform him that she and Paige just purchased a house together.

Apparently, PJ fell in love with Paige and divorced her husband.

Thank God the two can't have children together. They'd re-define the term "evil spawn."

Best Music Video 2004 nominees
"Always" — Blink 182 (dir: Joseph Kahn)
"All Caps" — Madvillain (dir: James Reitano)
"Big Brat (Uncensored)" — Phantom Planet (dir: Spike Jonze)
"Y Control" — The Yeah Yeah Yeahs (dir: Spike Jonze)
"Blinded by the Lights" — The Streets (dir: Adam Smith)
"Dream" — Dizzee Rascal (dir: Dougal Wilson)
"Steppin' Off" — Jason Forrest (dir: Jon Watts)
"Mad World" — Gary Jules (dir: Michel Gondry)
"Walkie Talkie Man" — Steriogram (dir: Michel Gondry)
"Year of the Rat" — Badly Drawn Boy (dir: Monkmus)