Second place is first place for losers

In an interview in the December issue of Spin, Fred Durst says:
—I was one of the trench-coat types [in high school] in this rural North Carolina town, and there was this guy who used to hang out with us, a friend of a friend, who was an outcast too.

I think anyone who refers to themselves as an "outcast" should be punched.

Cut the "woe is me" crap.

True outcasts would never refer to themselves as "outcasts" because it's a pejorative used by those who supposedly cast them out.

It's like a NAMBLA member calling himself a "pervert."

I was at an AMC theatre recently and before the screening, Movie Tunes played a song by 2001 "flavor of the week" American Hi-Fi called "The Geeks Get the Girls."

This is the chorus of the song:
Tonight, tonight, he's gonna get it right
Even losers can get lucky sometimes
All the freaks go on a winning streak
In a perfect world, all the geeks get the girls

Anyone who identifies with those lyrics deserves to be called a "loser."

How can you desire a certain type of feminine ideal while decidedly swearing allegiance to what is considered being a "loser" or a "freak"? "Freaks" and "geeks" are supposed to hate the "girls" in context, not pine after them. Occasional lust wouldn't be contradictory, but they're not supposed to want to date them! By valuing the "girls," the "geeks" effectively condemn themselves.