Gus at Waxeater voices my feelings about the supposed "battle for Christmas" that Bill O'Reilly couldn't shut up about throughout December.

I know a few people who feel shortchanged because this year, Christmas and New Year's Day both fall on Saturday, a day on which people usually get off work anyway.

In the northern hemisphere, summer and the holiday season are the two major vacation periods of the year. It must suck for Australians having to celebrate Christmas and New Year's during the summer.

I'd rather people give me nothing for the holidays than saddle me with boxes of See's Candies that usually end up half-eaten with holes poked in the snubbed candies.

I might enjoy See's Candies more if so many of them weren't utterly unpalatable. I mean, buttercream with chopped apricot and toasted coconut? Yuck.

I hate Christmas cards too.

Don't send me a card if all you do is sign it. Why do I need a mass-produced card with your signature on it? Save some trees. My holidays will likely be happy either way.

What is it about the holiday season that compels people to feed the needy? Why don't we hold food drives in March or July? The needy still need to eat the other ten months out of the year, don't they?

Did you know that ducks are birds?