A Jaw-Grind Disposition to a Panic Attack

Very rarely am I hesitant to see a movie, particularly a horror movie, but I'm currently torn over whether or not to see this one horror movie.

The movie is Murder-Set-Pieces by Nick Palumbo (Nutbag), which opened on Christmas Eve in Los Angeles and will open January 7 in New York City.

This is the pro argument:


Murder-Set-Pieces is allegedly the first American horror film ever rated NC-17.

Moreover, it is the first film ever rejected by all three major film processing laboratories in the United States: Technicolor, DuArt and Deluxe.

Technicolor called the police and the offices of the film's producers were raided by the California Attorney General's office.

In addition, the film features the only 35mm footage of the 9/11 terrorist attacks in New York City.Horror legends Gunnar Hansen ("Leatherface"), Ed Neal ("The Texas Chainsaw Hitchhiker") and Tony Todd ("Candyman") make cameo appearances.

This is the con argument:

Murder-Set-Pieces graphically details the sordid exploits of a neo-Nazi fashion photographer who slaughters showgirls, strippers, prostitutes and, ultimately, children in Las Vegas.

Film Threat:
"Often we wonder when the violence will stop. Surely there must be some way to end the aggressive and unrelenting bloodbath…"

LA Weekly:
"After about an hour or more of this stuff, I couldn't [continue]…"

"It's like being forced to watch one gratuitous torture-death scene after another, after another, after another, until you just want to stop and turn on Jay Leno…"

"I stopped caring long before the 15th naked stripper had her throat slit in gruesome close-up…"

Critics agree!

Do I want to really want to pay money to watch a 100-minute simulated snuff film in a grindhouse theatre? What does it say about me if I do?

I have until Friday to decide.