These star-struck small-talk art-fucks are no fun

New game!

Is it a Coheed and Cambria song or isolated text from Pitchfork's review of Kid A by Radiohead?

1. inhuman genesis
2. the light and the glass
3. three evils (embodied in love and shadow)
4. junesong provision
5. delirium trigger
6. artificial constellations inside the aluminum cove
7. nauraushaun
8. mating tyrannosaurs
9. theremin choirs limn
10. skittering toy boxes
11. criep
12. a favor house atlantic
13. cuts marked in the march of men
14. vocoder lullaby
15. god send conspirator
16. valhalla
17. hearshot kid disaster
18. elf tower new mexico
19. crustaceans of worries
20. a teardrop of fire shot from space
21. the philologist hero
22. cassiopeia

answers: 1. P | 2. C | 3. C | 4. C | 5. C | 6. P | 7. C | 8. P | 9. P | 10. P | 11. P12. C | 13. C | 14. P | 15. C | 16. P
17. C | 18. C | 19. P | 20. P | 21. P | 22. C

I wish I knew how to create mash-ups. I hear so many in my head that I'd like to engineer and share with people, but don't know how to.

My latest brainchild is "What You Waiting For?" by Gwen Stefani vs. "Hash Pipe" by Weezer.

The two songs share similar instrumentals and Gwen and Rivers sing in a similar falsetto progression.

And the chorus…

Gwen: You've got your million-dollar contract.
Rivers: I've got my hash pipe!

Pop-Ed: Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper

I don't think Dr. Pepper is a soda than can be improved upon.

I mean, Diet Dr. Pepper and Dr. Pepper Red Fusion both taste like Dr. Pepper.

As for this new Dr. Pepper, I sensed a slight cherry flavor, but for the most part, it didn't taste like anything. Moreover, it left a bland aftertaste that lingered in my mouth like novocaine.

I caught a sneak preview of Strange Love on VH1. Brigitte Nielsen looks ghastly without make-up on and not much better with it on. No way she's only 41.

Meanwhile, even as a has been, Jean Claude Van Damme continues to amuse:

—When I get back home every day I am my wife's superhero in bed.

—I am planning to go back to fighting next year when I am 45.

—I would always go for a muscular woman rather than for a skinny one but on one condition — her brains have to be as developed as her muscles.

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