It's not Metallica; it's Modest Mouse!

I'm pissed that Fox's website didn't list Modest Mouse as a guest star on The OC this week. I've been waiting to tape this episode.

Regardless, "Paper Thin Walls," "The View" and "The World At Large." To quote the Japanese, it was "super!"

Next week: Crossfade (#1 Record of the Year on Active Rock Radio!)

I recommend the latest issue of Giant Robot.

In addition to articles on Chinese heavy metal and Bob Sapp, there is an interview with Chan-wook Park, arguably the most exciting filmmaker in the world right now.

The interviewer asks him about his ear for Nick Cave and The Clash and in his response, Park mentions that he likes Tom Waits and wants to use his song "Black Wings" in Live Evil, his upcoming film about vampires.

Apparently, other people (included Buddyhead) noticed the similarity between "What You Waiting For?" and "Hash Pipe" before I did.

Fair enough.

To prove that I'm not a musical hack, I shall present another mash-up idea of mine.

This one is definitely original. I'm actually surprised that no one has merged these two songs yet.


Are you sitting down?

"Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" vs. "Baa Baa Black Sheep."

—I know that Nick would make a t-shirt of Jord if he could.


Someone has a secret admirer…