I saw the trailer for Fantastic Four today.

Whoever picked "Counting Bodies Like Sheep to the Rhythm of the War Drums" by A Perfect Circle for use in the trailer should be fired.

First of all, the song is not very good. It's a poor man's Trent Reznor remix of the APC song "Pet."

Secondly, the song does not build excitement like, for example, the choir music in the Spider-Man 2 trailer.

Thirdly, the song is defiantly political in nature and features a video with stick children, oil wells, dripping blood, the word "sheep," Dubya on horseback, and Dubya dispensing propaganda in the form of ice cream cones, meat grinders and television sets.

Granted, cruise ship commercials used "Lust for Life," Iggy Pop's ode to heroin, but that song at least fit well and didn't suck.


All this typing has made me hungry for some afternoon delight.

It seems like every comic book film nowadays must include a shot of a superhero throwing and/or upending a car.