Academic Injury

At the airport the other day, the security officer at the baggage inspection area exit asked to see my boarding pass. I showed it to him and he thanked me and then slyly added "Michigan, eh? Go blue…" as I walked away.

This is not the first time that a stranger has unexpectedly addressed my University of Michigan hoodie.

Michigan alumni are like Scientologists — they're everywhere but you'd never notice.

I can't remember why I even bought this hoodie, but it's prompted many random people to speak up. I assume that's because California is 2000 miles away from Michigan. I doubt anyone would care if I wore a UC Davis hoodie (of course, no one cares about UC Davis to begin with).

I should collect sweatshirts from distant colleges and rotate them into wear like Ted Knight did on Too Close for Comfort.

Did you know that BYU has its own television channel? I stumbled onto BYU Television while browsing DirecTV program listings.