Good news for people who…meh

For the shorties

Back from the midwest. Full debriefing shortly. First things first.

A while back, I saw a television commercial late at night for Kidz Bop 7 that featured an audio clip of a Kidz Bop cover of "Float On" by Modest Mouse.

I knew immediately that I wanted to link that song on this site. Unfortunately, a search of digital media resources proved futile.

The following day at work, my boss mentioned that she just ordered Kidz Bop 7 for her six-year-old daughter. My ears perked up upon hearing the news and I asked if I could borrow the album when she received it. She didn't understand why I would want to borrow Kidz Bop 7 but consented nonetheless.

Over the next two weeks, I bugged my boss about the album on a daily basis. "Has it come yet? Has it come yet?" At long last, about a week before its retail release date, Kidz Bop 7 arrived. I took it home that night and ripped the Kidz Bop cover of "Float On."

The track appeared soon after on this site as part of our weekly Play list.

As the week progressed, I noticed an increasing number of links to the Kidz Bop track from random message boards and blogs. Usually, we only make Play list songs available for one week, but I didn't want to spoil the fun, so I decided to leave the Kidz Bop track on our server for another week — enough time, I thought, for it to properly circulate into the file-sharing realm.

A few days later, however, I discovered that three days into March, we had already consumed 3/4 of our monthly bandwidth allowance.

Turns out that Spin magazine contributor Ultragrrrl blogged about the Kidz Bop track and hotlinked our mp3. Her post on the Kidz Bop track was, in turn, picked up by blog heavyweight Stereogum, popular link dump Waxy (see: March 3), AbsolutePunk, and even Vancouver Robbie, who links our site on his site but for some reason linked our Kidz Bop track by way of Ultragrrrl.

Because of bandwidth issues, I reluctantly prematurely aborted the Kidz Bop track, but it floated on all right.

A fortnight after it first graced this site, noted hipster music connoisseur Fluxblog plugged a fellow music blog's copy of the Kidz Bop cover of "Float On," and yesterday, Pitchfork reviewed said Kidz Bop track.

I feel like a fat Danish kid.