Ten Cups of Coffee

If I was Terri Schiavo's husband, I'd file for divorce right now and go to Las Vegas.

My statement to the press?

"Fuck you all! I'm a married man who's hasn't had sex in 15 years. You want to keep the bitch alive? [channeling Brad Pitt] Take her! She's yours!"

Doesn't Congress have more important issues to deal with than a "braindead" woman and steroids in baseball?

College basketball journal:

Wake Forest vs. West Virginia — one of the best games I've ever seen.

I'm unable to watch much Big East basketball here on the west coast but I caught a few rounds of the Big East conference tournament and was impressed by West Virginia, particularly this Gansey fellow.

I picked West Virginia over Wake Forest and I'm pickin' them to advance to the Elite Eight.

Other likes: Tom Brennan, T.J. Sorrentine, Juan Palacios' glasses, Nick Fazekas' psycho facemask

Overrated: Andrew Bogut (oh you haven't heard?)

After the Michigan State vs. Vermont game, Len Elmore interviewed Tom Izzo. The height difference between the two was hilarious. Elmore looked down at Izzo throughout the interview…literally.