No worst than a beast

"we have different tastes, he likes green day and power pop punk, and I like the rest."
—steven on me in his review of sxsw

Steven will seize any opportunity to goof on me for listening to Green Day. Am I supposed to be offended?

Can you figure out what's unusual about the newspaper advertisements for the movie Oldboy?

Can anyone NOT figure out the much-ballyhooed "shocking" event on next week's episode of 24?

Does anyone actually enjoy SportsCenter's Ultimate Highlight?

Dear Entertainment Weekly:
Pages and pages of trivia questions do not constitute a cover story.

"As a child I remember playing Street Fighter as Chun Li and just kicking endlessly so I could get a glimpse of that precious upskirt shot. Granted, her outfit was not very practical for somebody who routinely engaged in brawls with martian communists and electrified frogs, but at the time this was the farthest thing from my mind. That is, until my mother walked in on me and a friend staring at the paused screen, pointing and shouting at Chun Li's exposed crotch."

Our good buddy Aaron wrote a great column on the evo- and devolution of video games.