What was to be a lecture on the differences between liberalism and conservatism became heated Tuesday when the Ultimate Warrior visited the Dodd Center at the University of Connecticut.

The Warrior was met with unhappy members of the Tent City protest group.

"People like this should not be allowed to spat this off without being countered," said Geoff Traugh, a 4th-semester peace studies and political science major.

The dispute between Traugh and Warrior escalated. Warrior screamed back and stomped on the stage saying questions would be answered during the question and answer segment.

Many people in the audience yelled and verbally attacked Warrior and his views during his hour-and-a-half discussion.

Maj. Sgt. Linda Killarney called three other officers to the scene for backup.

The College Republicans, who sponsored the event with the Undergraduate Student Government, said the organization was just trying to add another point of view to the discussion.

"We are truly sorry that the Warrior did not measure up to our standards," College Republicans spokesman Heath Fahle said.

Warrior got an unfavorable response from the crowd when he discussed homosexuals.

"Queering don't make the world work," Warrior said.

Warrior's comments forced one man to yell at him and ask him to apologize to Iranian student Norm Moghtaderi. While listening to Moghtaderi, Warrior said he needed to get a towel.

The beginning video presentation showed the Warrior ripping up the Iraqi flag from four different camera angles.


I think it would have been rad if at the end, Papa Shango ran out and beat down the Warrior until Hulk Hogan appeared unexpectedly and blew the roof off the place.