Anthem for the Year 2005

The Dissociatives are huge in Australia. They've spent time toward the top of the Australian charts, they were nominated for six ARIA (Australian Recording Industry Association) Music Awards (and might have won some were it not for the inexplicable widespread success of Jet), and last month they saw their first video win "Video of the Year" at the Australian MTV Video Music Awards.

The duo consists of dance music artist Paul Mac and former Silverchair frontman Daniel Johns (you know, the anorexic dude who cracked TRL with an earjerker about his affliction).

I heard the first single off The Dissociatives' debut album on The End.

"Somewhere Down The Barrel"

A pop song has never made me cringe so much. It's too pop, if that's possible. Radio Disney's playlist is staid in comparison.

Daniel really "Constantined" himself and then some.

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