Five Percent Nation

New phone number: (650) 515-6883. Write it down, kiddos.

I'm surprised at the lack of covers of "Unbelievable" by EMF.

I heard a DJ on Channel 104.9 broadcasting from the station's summer music festival.

"Slightly Stoopid are on stage. Up next is Bowling For Soup, followed by Crossfade and Better Than Ezra! It's not too late to drive down here!"

Has there been a less enticing line-up in the history of concerts? Live 8 Philadelphia was at least free.

Foreign Girl: u r a republican right?

A television commercial for Dark Water claims it is "the most original film of the year."

But it's another remake of a Japanese horror film.

Adam Robot:
not only that
it's goddamn water coming out of the ceiling instead of little asian girl hair
i hope suzuki or whatever, i hope everything he does gets driven into the ground
oooh, mad-lib horror
City: Chicago
Female: Girl from WB
Adjective: Hideous
Adjective: Dark
Male: Totally scruffy dude that was on Buffy at some point
Verb: Scary

Many people believe that I'm Adam Robot.

Sorry. Adam Robot is a real person. He has a website. It used to be popular during the heyday of E/N.

Why would I conceive an alias? Why would I pass off my thoughts as someone else's and converse with myself? That's absurd.

Guess Which Movie
Steven kicks ass at this shit.