All you maggots smoking fags on Santa Monica Boulevard

Kathleen Hanna (Le Tigre singer and Queen Ad-Rock) on Fugazi:

Linkin Park is actually a lot like Fugazi vocally, if Ian was a bad high school rapper and Guy sang like Annie.

Ben Gibbard of Death Cab For Cutie should record a cover of "21st Century Digital Boy" by Bad Religion.

Several people have questioned my use of the term "quadriplegics." "Don't you mean 'paraplegics'?" they ask.

What say the "about the film" section of the official Murderball website?


What say the Wikipedia article on "quadriplegia"?

Ha! Partial use, or limited function in all four limbs, not necessarily total paralysis from the neck down.

I was confused at first too. I thought maybe the relationship between quadriplegics and paraplegics was similar to that of a square and a rectangle. You know, not all paraplegics are quadriplegics but all quadriplegics are paraplegics…

Disregard the previous graf.

My parents bought a newish minivan.

It has dual sliding doors but you're not allowed to slide them. No, they're "automatic."

Tug on its outer handle and a door slowly slides itself open! Once inside, press a button and the door slowly slides itself shut!

Why have handles on sliding doors if you can't use them?

The trunk door is automatic as well. I desperately want to slam it shut but the fucker only lets you nudge it before slowly closing itself.

So infuriating…

Filmmaker Kevin Smith on Darth Vader:

While I recognized Darth Vader as a villain of Star Wars, I was always drawn to him regardless. Never mind the mysteries of the man behind the mask and how he came to be so damned evil, this was a guy who wore a chain around his neck. Granted, it was a small chain, and it was there to hold the cape on, but a neck chain made him very Jersey to me. Many a Jersey guy has felt the secret to getting pussy was wearing a gold chain. Apparently, Vader was so confident he could get laid, he didn't even need his chain to be gold.

I never noticed he wore a chain until reading this. Eep.

I ran out of floss recently and, miser that I am, re-stocked with the cheapest floss I could find at the local CVS. Johnson & Johnson Reach Unwaxed Floss. 99 cents. Clearance price.

What a mistake.

Flossing without wax is like mutilating oneself with a butter knife.

WWE Champion John Cena live in concert!
July 19 :: Philadelphia, PA :: TLA
July 26 :: Cleveland, OH :: Peabody's
July 27 :: Buffalo, NY :: Icon
July 28 :: Boston, MA :: Avalon