Last night, I dreamt I learned I was related to Colin and Christie from The Amazing Race 5.

Moreover, new wave music factored in heavily.

That's all I remember.

In my early morning rush to view Cardigan Buoy's website, I hit "enter" prematurely and wound up at instead.

'Twas a serendipitous typing gaffe.

Apparently, sells e-mail addresses ( and apparel embroidered with the word "brown" specifically for people with the surname "Brown."

Edward doesn't aspire to world domination. No, he merely wants to dress every fellow living Brown in nominative clothing. How very Christian.

The Brown sweater hanging next to Brown looks suspiciously like a Brown sweater.

I particularly enjoy the e-mail address testimonials slash selling points at the bottom of the page.

"A email address makes you a reconized [sic] individual!"

"'I recently changed jobs but didn't have to change my email address.'"

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"4. It's next to impossible to get an email address that's easily useable [sic]."


Did he mean 2006, not 1996?

Andy Milonakis or Martha Dumptruck from Heathers?
Mogadishu or New Orleans?