Everything will be Punky Brewster

BERT & DICKIE (HBO) – Owen Wilson, Larry Charles ("Seinfeld") and Rick Rubin are set to team for a new half-hour comedy about an odd-couple standup comedy team that can't ever manage to come out on top, personally or professionally. The trio will co-write and executive produce.

Rick Rubin? Co-writing a sitcom? With Owen Wilson?

Speaking of strange bedfellows, how 'bout the cast of Domino?

I saw the poster for the film at a bus stop.

Receiving top billing: Keira Knightley, Mickey Rourke and Edgar Ramirez (who?).

Also highlighted are the supporting players: Jacqueline Bisset. Dabney Coleman. Macy Gray. Mo'Nique. Lucy Liu.

Bisset is probably the only actress ever to work with both François Truffaut and the host of Fat Chance.

As if that's not weird enough, the latter are joined by not one but TWO stars of Beverly Hills, 90210, and — next to Gabrielle Carteris — the two lamest ones too: Brian Austin Green and Ian Ziering.

Steve Sanders and the "madman of the people"…together at last!

It's only fitting that Christopher Walken rounds out the ensemble.