Caged In, Wasting Away

1. UNTITLED BOB SAGET PROJECT (HBO) – Bob Saget has set up a new comedy at the pay channel about a divorced dad who works as a gynecologist in Phoenix and struggles to balance raising his 14-year-old son and his active social life. Saget will star, co-write and executive produce the project.

If only he had three daughters instead of a son.

"What's wrong, Michelle? C'mere. Let daddy take a look at your vagina…"

2. I attended Resfest on Saturday at the Museum of Contemporary Art, during which time two Hindians wed upstairs.

Hipsters and Hindian wedding guests sharing the same small lobby — 'twas a sight to behold.

3. Who the hell gets married at a museum?

4. To my dismay, I missed a screening of a shorts program that included Dimmer, a short film commissioned by the band Interpol about three blind teenage boys roaming the industrial neighborhoods of Buffalo, NY.

Stop, or Matt McKernon will shoot!

5. I caught this, however: "Creation" by (Australian creative collective) The Glue Society

6. FX ordered a 13-episode second season of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Sweetness.

7. A&U is America's AIDS magazine. Canada's AIDS magazine? Eh&Oo.

Stop the presses!

9. Who at ESPN thought Lou Holtz would be a good on-air personality? He's like Dubya with dentures out. Teaming him with Rece Davis merely accentuates how unintelligible he is.

I keep waiting for Rece to interrupt Lou and remark "What's that, boy? Ohio State needs to stop Cal's running game?"

10. Memorable Quotes from Lassie (1994)