All Jews carry gold in a little bag around their necks

Weezer recently shot a video for "Perfect Situation," only without Rivers Cuomo as the singer.

"We are exploring the history of Weezer. Before Weezer was Weezer, they were a band called Weeze. Rivers was just a roadie for the band, and they had a totally hot female singer."

The "totally hot female" will be portrayed by Elisha Cuthbert of 24 fame.

I think Sonic is an elaborate ruse on America.

I see the fast food chain's tantalizing adverts on television all the time but I've never seen nor do I know anyone who's ever seen an actual Sonic restaurant.

"North by Midwest" with Adam Robot

i got supergirl #2 and Escape of the Dead, i'm the only one who buys any of their comics dealing with zombies

yeah, she's hot
i actually buy it because she's hot

How many "punks" who wear Subhumans shirts or attach Subhumans patches to their jackets actually like The Subhumans' music?

Moreover, do said "punks" realize they're rebelling by conforming?

I finally found it online.

"Cringe" by Rob Dobi.

Second year of university, I begged Dobi for prints to liven up my dorm room.

I wish to re-assemble the wall of "Cringe" in my apartment but fear it may repulse my flatmates' visitors.

Yesterday, I found a pubic hair in the dishwasher.

Sharing an apartment with two other gentlemen, I expect pubic litter in the bathroom.

But the dishwasher? The fuckin' dishwasher?


Hey Leroy!

Cue: Encyclopedia Brown and the Case of the Whirlpool Pube.

Three years ago, Frederick S. Rhine fought the uphill battle of running for Cook County judge against someone with a strong Irish name (William O'Brien).

He failed miserably.

In hopes of winning a judicial seat in 2006, Rhine, a Chicago attorney, has changed his name to Patrick Michael O'Brien.

Why not dress up as a leprechaun too? Drink a few beers, molest an altar boy…

"I wanna fuckin' go crazy with you. You are so fuckin' hot. If you agree with this, just look at me and say 'yes.'"