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The term "MILF" is not funny.

Cut it out.

Freshman year of high school, my English teacher surveyed our class on popular slang.

Being totally uncool*, I wrote down what I assumed was popular slang at the time — that is, slang used in the film Clueless.

When Mrs. Lee read my (thankfully anonymous) submissions to the class,

"…Betty, Barney, loser loady…"

I distinctly remember Michaela Gordon snarking: "Barney? Someone's been watching Clueless!"

She and her fellow non-AP-track brethren then burst into laughter.

*I considered adding "at the time," but that would be misleading

Clueless writer-director Amy Heckerling reportedly researched contemporary teenage slang for her screenplay.

In retrospect, her sources must have been messin' with her.

No teenager I knew spoke like the characters in Clueless.

To be fair, I didn't grow up in Beverly Hills, nor did I know very many teenagers.

Still, I cannot fathom* any teenager of my generation spewing semantic nonsense like "she's a full-on Monet."

*In retrospect, of course.

According to Wiktionary, the film American Pie popularized usage of the term "MILF."

[while looking at a picture of Stifler's mom]
MILF Guy #2: Dude, that chick's a MILF!
MILF Guy #1: What the hell is that?
MILF Guy #2: M-I-L-F: Mom I'd Like to Fuck!
MILF Guy #1: Yeah, dude! Yeah!

Thank you, John Cho.

Moralists often accuse the entertainment industry of setting a poor example for children, but it's an equally poor role model for adults.

Call it the "'bling bling' fallacy" — culturally-malnourished individuals adopting what they assume is "hip" terminology from mass media and subsequently embarrassing themselves in conversation*.

Slang is organic. Speak what you know.

If your use of "MILF" predates the release of American Pie, so be it**.

Pretenders, however, need not apply.

*also known as "SportsCenter Syndrome"
**doesn't make it funny

Birthday wishes to Cardigan Buoy.

I'd send him a bottle of shitty wine, but Yellow Tail's a product of Australia. Readily available, I'm sure.