Masters of Divinity

1. In Wednesday's paper:

One step forward, ten steps back.

2. Speaking of gay…

Jack Osbourne is this month's Cosmo centrefold.



Phil Spector is slowly turning into Darth Sidious.

4. "We're all praying you get back safe david! That bitch will burn in hell for kidnapping you and murdering her parents!"

5. When you think about it, an army devoted to salvation is kinda creepy. Would you buy clothes from the Church of Scientology?

6. Underwear at thrift stores — discuss.

7. The MySpace Legion of Extraordinary Stupid Hair Super Heroes
8. I looked up my name in the Urban Dictionary.

Out of curiosity, I looked up Hornblower's name too.

Similar definitions follow, including this one:

So Rory's a swell guy and I'm a…bag in Philly.

9. Music: Best of 2005

I could've come up with the same list simply by compiling every album mentioned on Stereogum in the past 11 months.