Rise of Apocalypse

Doomriders with Lorene Drive @ Beat Kitchen, 11/29/2005
Black Thunder / Deathbox / Ride or Die / The Chase / Fuck This Shit / Listen Up!! / Worthless / The Whipcrack / Sirens / The Long Walk

I didn't stay for headliners Cave In.

For a band named "Doomriders," they're disappointingly ordinary-looking, but clubs are for rockin', not spectacle, and rock they did.

Front man Nate Newton (Converge) is hysterical.

"It's cold outside but we are raging!"

"We are shredding the shit out of you right now!"

"During the last song's guitarmony, it looked like we were slapping our dicks together!"

After the quickest set change I've ever witnessed, Nate reluctantly put his shirt back on because the sound guy wasn't ready.

He also freestyle rapped and mocked an emo photographer with "girly hair."

"I like it. You're pretty."

Good times.