Vancouver at 19 with two forms of I.D.

Stupid is probably the wrong word to describe how I felt carrying a bundle of 36 rolls of toilet paper down a highly congested street.

That's the last time I walk to Costco.

Costco sells tickets for ski lifts and movie theatres and whatnot, but the way they package them is egregiously wasteful.

Remember how developers used to package computer games in large boxes that contained mostly cardboard? That's how Costco sells tickets. They seal a letter-size sheet of paper in an inexplicably bulgy case of the type of plastic you have to cut open, the type of plastic usually reserved for graphing calculators and GameCube controllers.

Each case contains two tickets. Two.

Andrew: movie tickets arent in the cases. u pay for them at the register with the box then the cashier should take the box and tell u to head to merchandise pick up to pick up your tickets. those are called dummy boxes. i work there man, i know EVERYTHING.

Why not use dummy slips of paper then?

How annoying is Costco's exclusive deal with American Express?

"Just use a debit card, Jon."

Debit cards are for teenagers. I want my "no hassle rewards," dammit.