Proud of myself and the loner I've become

I scored a job interview with the Chicago Tribune…on the first day of March Madness.

I'm desperate for a job, but I've also been pissing myself with anticipation over the tournament.


Kanye West Compares Arctic Monkeys To Genesis

Ever wonder what happens to aborted human fetuses?

I read that most fetuses are incinerated, but I also read this:

"We basically put them down the garbage disposal if they were small enough."

"Oftentimes, second trimester abortions were performed and these babies […] we would [flush] down a toilet." [source]

Dr. Abortion: Keep feeding 'em into the sink, Gloria. I need to go find a plunger.

I'm surprised that Fear Factor hasn't challenged contestants to drink a fetus milkshake yet. Disgusting, yes, but this is a show that once concocted a tasty beverage of blended rats.

If Trey Wingo was more like Andrew Dice Clay…

Sometimes I wonder why I continue to follow wrestling.

"His nose looks like it's dispensing baby wipes."

John Cena's latest shirt design

"Hustle, Loyalty, Respect." What does that mean?

Moreover, is "hustle" supposed to be a verb or a noun? Because if it's a verb, the message is grammatically unsound, and if it's a noun, the message makes even less sense.

Previously on Adam Riff™: how old is that shirt cena wears, the one with the belt?

All-time classic sports mustaches

free throw line
North Carolina forward Tyler Hansbrough and Beaker — separated at birth.