Encounter with Haile Selassie's grandson in a Mississauga Tim Hortons

Have you heard the new tourism slogan for Washington state?
It's "Say WA." [source]

The state spent 18 months developing that?

Give me an hour and I can probably conceive slogans for all 50 states.

"Say TN"
"See MN"
"Rape ME"
"We are the knights who say NE!" (NY also works)


I called my father about insurance matters and at the end of our conversation, he informed me that my childhood buddy Jeff's aunt died recently in a car crash.

"Her husband inquired about you."
"About me? Why?"
"He wanted you to film his wife's funeral1."


Why do people film funerals? Weddings, birthdays and graduations I can understand, but funerals? Personally, funerals are not events that I would ever want to relive.

1 As a child, I aspired to be a filmmaker.

Former Red Power Ranger Austin St. John has found a new career in gay porn

From the book of awesomely bad pick-up lines:

Sounds like something Leisure Suit Larry would say.

Larry: You're invited…to get laid!
Woman: WA?

Adam Sandler to star in drama about September 11

JULIE RENO, BOUNTY HUNTER (FOX) — Erin Daniels has been tapped for the lead role in the comedy pilot, about a down-on-her-luck single mother who turns to bounty hunting.

If Fox executives have any sense, this series is one-and-done, like Fox's previous foray into bounty hunter entertainment.

free throw line
Does the Belmont bruin look fiercer, or like it's doing an impression of Chewbacca?

Let the games begin.