Directions to California

Wrapping up week one…

free throw lines
CBS listed Randolph Morris' major as "secondary education." So he's majoring in high school?

"Carl Krauser" sounds like a name the writers of 24 would use for a villain. Victor Drazen, Vladimir Bierko, Carl Krauser. Whenever I see his name in print, I hear the Arnold Schwarzenegger impersonator on Late Night with Conan O'Brien pronouncing it in my head and can't help but laugh. How did a black dude from the Bronx acquire such a ridiculously German name?

In the first round, there was Bruins vs. Bruins. In the second round, Wildcats vs. Wildcats. In the sweet sixteen? Huskies vs. Huskies.

Other sweet sixteen highlights:

George Mason Patriots vs. Wichita State Shockers

Texas Longhorns vs. West Virginia Mountaineers

UCLA Bruins vs. Gonzaga Bulldogs

It's been one day and I'm already sick of the "battle for the west coast" hype.

On the fan front at least, Bruins win.

Gonzaga fans vs. UCLA fans

Okay, I'll shut up about basketball until Friday.