Live through this and you won't look back

No, me asking you to remove your shoes indoors is not an "Asian thing," it's an "I don't want to have to clean the floor every week" thing.

Degrassi: The Next Generation season five finale:

Stop the presses! Paige had sex with Spinner! The writers probably felt it was now or never.

Also, Jimmy reconnected with Ashley and reconciled with Spinner.

It'll be interesting to see how next season plays out with the loss of the "senior" class, save for Spinner and Jimmy (and possibly Ashley), for whom the writers found loopholes to retain for another year.

How "O.C." of Degrassi to conclude with an Arts & Crafts song.

Stars – "Your Ex-Lover Is Dead"

As luck would have it, fixes of my other Canadian television favorite are nigh. The sixth season of Trailer Park Boys premieres April 16.

IMDb's cast list for next week's episode of 24:

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